Focusing two products – Nesting boxes by Céline Erbetta



Here I am again with a small series of nesting boxes emphasizing 2 products from the May 2020 kit from HipKit Club: the 3 flowers from the Willow Lane collection by Crate Paper and the The Stamp Market patterned papers. Yes I admit, I love them !



These hexagonal boxes stack one inside the other to offer a very small gift 😉 or just to decorate your home.

To make them, I used dies of 6 different sizes: 2 per box, one for the bottom, one for the lid. I cut in the patterned papers in a combo of orange, white, pink, a few touches of black.




For each half box, I cut a strip of paper 6 times the width of the die. In the length, I marked a fold and made notches on which I glued the diecut papers.
The top cutout is of course a little bit larger than the bottom cutout.




I chose one flower per box by adapting it to the color of the latter. But also paying attention to the size so that you can close it again.



To emphasize the patterned papers, I added a thin strip around the box: it also serves as a clasp.

To decorate the boxes and have an osmosis between them … yes I know, I’m too picky in my creations ;-)) I used a silver thread and the dots of The Stampmarket present in my kit, which we find on each of them! 😉




And There you go ! All that remains for my husband is to slip in a pretty ring and give it to me! ;-))

Have a nice day everyone!



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