Plan your life before it Plans you!

Hi there planner girls! It’s Cara here to keep you organised and planning your best future!


Remember that planning is more than soccer games, meetings and what’s on the menu this week. Don’t forget to plan in your dreams, that means plotting out time to work towards what is in your heart and what you want your future to hold, so don’t forget to schedule that in.

Here I’ve used the planner perfect method to set my intentions for these days, highlighting what I really want these days to include.


I used the exclusive die cuts by Kim Watson from the July Main kit and the washi strips from the July Project Life kit. The clip is simply a flair button from the July Embellishment kit hot glued to a paperclip and a circle punch to cover up the clip.


I was pleasantly surprised to see the ‘oh what fun’ die cut in that exclusive pack, because I’ll be cranking the Christmas carols and working hard this week on a Christmas planner class, so it was the perfect touch right below where I wrote about setting the mood to work on this class.

thursdayAt the end of each month I will go back and review how things went and how I did with my progress towards my goals and dreams. It has really kept me motivated because we tend to concentrate on what we haven’t got done. But going back and looking at what I’ve actually accomplished in a month alwyas amazes me and fuels me forward.

july review

I made this spread at the beginningof July with the June kits.


I use routines to help make sure my day goes as smoothly as possible leaving room in my day to squeak in a bit of time for myself, and work towards my goals and dreams.

Having it listed out keeps me on track until a new routine is set to memory.


Another helpful thing to have handy is a photo list for big events. I’ll stick one in my planner or purse when I go so that I can check it through out the day to make sure I get all the photos I’d love to take, and not miss the birthday boy with Grandpa or a candid shot of adults chatting (I love these ones, but I always forget because I focus too much on getting shots of the children). You can use these for a summer, vacation, school year photo list or anything else you’d like, it doesn’t just have to be for a one day event.


These little reminders were made with the June Project life kits except for the the puffy stickers and die cut which are from the June Embellishment kit. The same pink camera is printed onto the card, but I added the puffy sticker version to add a little spunk 😉

I hope I’ve given you some ideas to make your day run a little smoother.

Happy Planning!

Cara Vincens-2

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