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Do you ever know exactly what product you want to use, but just can’t figure out how to place it on the page?  That’s exactly what happened with the layout I’m sharing today, using the April 2015 Hip Kit & Add-On Kits.  I had all of the product on my desk, and moved it around on the page three times, before I finally decided on my final design.

Just for Fun

There was one simple technique, that made the light bulb go off, and that was adding some Yellow in the background using the Prima watercolor pencils, included in the April 2015 Color Add-On.  That pop of color gave me a base layer for adding my photo and embellishments and everything fell into place from there.  I just used the Yellow pencil to draw on the White cardstock, from the April 2015 Cardstock Add-On Kit, and added some water to my brush to blend it.

Just for Fun1

Just for Fun2

So next time you are felling stuck on a design, don’t give up.  There could be that one idea that totally turns around the page design for you!!

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