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Hello all! It’s Terhi here with two layouts with April Kits. The other has a process video, too.


This first layout got it’s inspiration from my daughters Easter hats, witch hats, to be exact. They made them by themselves, using a lot of pastel colored feathers and colorful washitapes. As our lovely April Kits had so much wonderful bright colors in, I didn’t want to scrap this cute picture with colors. Instead, I printed it in black&white, and then played a lot with all colors in the layout. There’s gold, yellow, green, red, pink, turquoise, in addition to black, white and grey. A real color bomb, but fits to the theme!

I used April Color Kit in several ways: stamps for embossing, watercolor pencils for coloring but also for flicking colors onto the background. You’ll find the whole creation process from a video below. Enjoy!

easter (5)

easter (7)

easter (3) 

myfiree (2)

This other layout is much more monochromatic. I only used some green tones and tiny amount of yellow in addition to black and white. I started by adding grey PanPastel onto my white cardstock, then black ink though a stencil. Some delicious paper layers, more stenciling with acrylic paint from March Color Kit. The same acrylic paint was used on the top of the black thickers. I loved the effect and suggest you to try it, too!

For this layout, I used the same stamps from April Color Kit in another way. I stamped some shapes onto patterned papers and white vellum and cut them out. The stamped shapes can be used as embellishments.

myfiree (3)

myfiree (4)

One more thing to mention: We do have electricity and modern technology here in Finland, even though I’m making fire in the picture. We just had some fun taking funny shots in the woods one day.

Thank you for stopping by today, we’ll see soon!

Terhi Koskinen

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