Hi Hip Kit friends!

Kerstin here and today I show you my TN style mini album with the fantastic May 2021 Hip Kits!
I have chosen the colors pink & yellow. These are my colors for summer, sun and good mood … and there is a lot of these colors in the May 2021 Hip Kits. And here comes my TN style mini album – “HAPPY LIFE”.


I chose B side of the great Vamonoz paper by Obed Marshall from the May 2021 Main Kit.
I cut the paper to size 10.5 x 6.5 inches and sewed around it with a yellow thread using my sewing machine. I also sewed around a small white paper strip from the May 2021 Cardstock Kit with the yellow thread as well. I taped this paper strip to the top and bottom center of my cover so I could pull my ribbon through the paper strip to close it. I decorated this paper strip with a variety of embellishments. I used the different kits (Main Kit, Embellishment Kit and Pocket Life Kit).



Inside I first glued my ribbon on the right side – before that I folded the ribbon so that a short side of the ribbon is on top and a long side of the ribbon on the bottom and glued it with tape. After that I glued white cardstock flush. I cut a triangle out of a leftover piece of Vamonoz paper, sewed around it with yellow thread as well, and taped it as a pocket inside on the right side with double-sided tape. I can put small tags or notes in there.

On the left side I made a pocket to store smaller things from the wonderful paper Mosaico. To close it, I sewed two small mandalas from the Paige Evans Puffy Stickers with yarn and then wrapped a yarn around them to close the pocket. But a little decoration may not be missing!



For my memories I have made two notebooks in the sizes 6 x 4 inches. The finished size of the booklets is 6 x 4 inches – to sew the papers together you need twice the width and then fold in the middle!



For this I have different paper in different sizes BUT in the colors pink & yellow in each other and sewn together in the middle with a thread and needle. In the photos you can see how the individual pages work together. I have decorated the pages with different embellishments.


One side I would like to show you in more detail! Here I have decorated Vellum with the great Paige Evans Wonders Phrase Thickern from the May 2021 Pocket Life kit.



Now I almost forgot to explain how I attach my notebooks in my cover.
I have punched 2 eyelets in the middle at the top and bottom and pulled in a rubber band to secure my notebooks. The booklets are then each pushed with the middle in each rubber.

Let the following photos inspire you!






I will be filling this TN style mini album with memories on my vacation in August. I just need to add photos and notes – maybe some embellishements – for sure yet!

I hope my project inspires you to make your own TN style mini book and with the great hip kits!

Thanks for stopping by today!

@kikki.sch, Kerstin xx


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