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Hi girls Cristina here, today I will share with you the first project I created with the December kits. I was really speechless when I opened the package because this month they are all really fantastic. I love the color shades combined with each other and all the exclusive Hip Kit Club brand embellishments.


I’ve always liked above all the pastel colors and in any case I prefer the cold colors to the warm ones so finding in these kits the combination of pale blue and pink has made me really excited.


I chose a photo that had some shades of color similar to the colors of the kit because the chromatic aspect is always important to respect when choosing the decoration for your photo. The Magical pigment from Lindy’s included in the color kit was perfect for the color contrast I wanted to achieve. I chose a white cardstock, included in the cardstock kit, then I diluted the lindy’s, jana’s jade, with water and I spread it with a sheet of soft acetate creating spots. I then spread the modeling paste using the stencil always included in the color kit.


Since I wanted to use the foil elements of the embellishement kit I added a few drops of magical Lindy’s, martina’s marigold, which creates a very elegant metallic gold color.


The composition is instead very simple. I wanted to emphasize the watercolor background and therefore I chose a few elements to decorate my photo that did not overfill the space that had to remain empty. A tag, some flowers that must never be missing, enamel dots, and the stars on chipboard that give a delightful 3d effect to the whole composition.


I love making pages of this type, with a blank sheet in front and everything to be invented, messing with pigments, mixing them and discovering what comes out from time to time. Try also you will see that it is also therapeutic.


Thanks for stopping by and I’m waiting for you at the next project.

Bye xxx



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