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Happy Halloween! I know some of you guys celebrate Halloween like crazy – it’s one of my most favorite holidays. Let me tell you a story: I remember celebrating Halloween with all the Americans that were based in my city – it was like entering a new world whenever we went there. Decorated houses, spooky music, dressed up mummies at the porches waiting for us kids to come and dare to ask for candy. I came home with pumpkins full of tootsie rolls, milk duds, reese’s buttercups and twizzlers – all of which you wouldn’t find in our stores. Trick or treating was awesome for years, until they had to close the gates after 9/11, other people had to stay out. Even inside there were strict curfews that forbade the spectacular Halloween nights and parties as nobody was allowed to stay out past six p.m. Halloween never really came back again – because I realized it is not a common holiday in Germany.  It was such a weird experience for me as a child, after all, I grew up with it and it seemed to be so normal for me. Yup, I had a cultural shock – in my own country.  For a couple of years now, though, Halloween started to attract more people. There are now parties and events, dressed up children in schools, Halloween decoration is available in most stores – and slowly but surely it starts to give me the tingly horror from back then that I missed so much. Last year I’ve had some kids coming to me asking for “Süßes oder Saures!” at the door – I had a happy heart. And an emtpied candy drawer…

Because still yet, Halloween is still not so common, I thought I would put the Halloween theme for today in a bracket and instead focus on fall a bit more – I created this gift mini album for a lucky friend using the gorgeous October 2017 Hip Kits:




I used a bunch of envelopes in different sizes that I still had left – and I loved that I could use them. They are a great base for a mini – so if you have envelopes left, try to use them up! I’ll show you the pictures of the mini below – I think most of it is pretty self explainatory. If you still have questions or would like to see the process, there’s a process video below for step by step instructions (as much as I could muster) and a lot of yada-yada.




Here’s the process video:


I hope you have enjoyed my inspiration for today,




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