Go for double! by Kim Watson

With the May kits unpacked & looking pretty on my craft desk…I just couldn’t stop at a single page today & went for double! Double the fun, double the photos & well worth the extra effort. I hope you are inspired to give this a try.

We Love Our Life by Kim Watson

KimWatson_WeLoveOurLife 01_HKC03

This is the completed double page but it didn’t start as a double. I actually started with the left hand page but after seeing it completed decided it was so pretty it needed to be interpreted into a double page. I designed this page specifically for each page to be able to live on their own or side by side as a double page.

We Love Our Life left page by Kim Watson

KimWatson_WeLoveOurLife 01_HKC01

I began by cutting the paper strips on the left side of the page , attached them & adhered them down. I then added gel medium before applying watercolor paints from the fabulous Prima Marketing set included in the May 2017 Color Kit. The idea was to have pretty watercolor washes peeking out from the PL card, to add interest.


Then came the layers of fabulous Hip Kit Club Exclusive ephemera & wooden buttons. I love the vibrant colors & 3D textures! 


The edge of the top right corner was defined by a pretty puffy sticker strip, another exclusive item found in the May 2017 Embellishment kit.

KimWatson_WeLoveOurLife 02_HKC02

For the right hand page, I decided on a different patterned background from the left. There is something so refreshing about a double page that uses different patterns on each side. Notice how all it takes is hints each of the different patterns to tell the reader that the pages are in fact a pair. Color plays a vital role in the success of a double page. It helps flow & association.


To ensure the watercolor vibe was carried through to both sides of the page, I added a little orange & pink paint under the marbled PL card. Not only does it help the card to blend well into the background, but it also ties the two halves together.

I hope you have enjoyed this walk through & are inspired to try a double page for a change? If you do, be sure to post it in our FB member forum for everyone to enjoy. Have a great rest of your Monday. Until next time…bye!

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