Hi, my name is Jennifer Albrecht and I live in Hamburg, Germany, with my two children, who are cats. Both tend to feature heavily in my layouts – they are after all my pride and joy. 

Even though I have been scrapbooking for several years, I am still learning and always trying new techniques or products. “Be brave” has been my scrappy motto for over a year now and it is always both a reminder and an encouragement to challenge myself. Not every challenge ends in success but it is always a learning experience. 

For me, scrapbooking is both a way to remember the good (and sometimes bad) times of my every day life and my special blend of therapy. Nothing gets me quite as focused as scrapbooking. And it is also a great way to get caught up on my favorite tv shows or movie franchises. I mean, who does not enjoy watching giant robots hit giant aliens in the face while hand stitching flowery patterns on paper? 

 You can also find me here…

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