HKC 2016 DT Call Honorable Mentions…

I want to thank everyone who applied for our HKC 2016 Design Team Call.  I cannot begin to tell you how amazed and inspired we were with the awesome applications we received.  I loved looking through each one and having the opportunity to visit each blog, Instagram & Facebook Page.  I wanted to share a handful of layouts that really caught our eye, and I hope that you enjoy them as much as we did!  xo Kimberly

Tiffani NelsonLayout by Tiffani Nelson

Tanya HubbardLayout by Tanya Hubbard

Stephanie MeudecLayout by Stephanie Meudec

Michelle StokesLayout by Michelle Stokes

Mary ShirleyLayout by Mary Shirley

Mandy MelvilleLayout by Mandy Melville

Lilith EeckelsLayout by Lilith Eeckels

Julie EversLayout by Julie Evers

Jill KellerLayout by Jill Keller

Eva PizzaroLayout by Eva Pizarro

Erin Colby
Layout by Erin Colby

Emily MontreuilLayout by Emily Montrueil

Chloe MurrayLayout by Chloe Murray

Catherine MartinLayout by Catherine Martin

Aurelie CormierLayout by Aurelie Comier

Amy CooseLayout by Amy Coose

6 thoughts on “HKC 2016 DT Call Honorable Mentions…

  1. Wow!! These layouts really stand out!! as Suse said, the standards are high, and I guess the chances to get on a team are low.

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