Hello Ventura-Michelle Wedertz

Good morning! As many of you can probably relate, I am the main photographer in my family and as a result most of my scrapbooking is from my perspective only. At least that was the case, until my husband finally took the plunge and jumped on the cell phone wagon! LOL.

What this has meant for me is that I now have a second source to pull photos from.  Now I am regularly documenting both of our memories. For example, in this next layout, featuring a combination of the June Kits, I documented a photo taken of my husband while on a solo-beach trip.

Hello Ventura

I am not always able to go the beach with my husband because of school and sports schedules, so I thought it was really nice to have this photo.

Hello Ventura 2

Hello Ventura 3

How about you-do you pull photos from other sources? I know that having a “back-up” photo taker has really helped in situations where I was just not able to take photos myself. Having the second perspective is also helping to round out my albums, giving what I hope to be a more full picture of our lives.

Wishing you a great day!

Michelle Wedertz

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