Creative ways to add multiple photos by Emilie Chamel


Hello my dear Hip Kit friends! I was challenged to create a layout using the July Main Kit only all the while finding a creative way to have multiple photos. Now I am mostly a “single photo” kind of gal’ as it is an aesthetic which I find suits my style best but as I am not one to say “no” to a technical “use my brain”-challenge, I divided a plan that would allow me to keep my aesthetic all the while showing more than one photo.


I created a spinning disk on which I could place several photos. My plan at first was to place four photos on it but my miscalculations meant I had to settle for two. I probably could have got away with three photos on the disk but I am only realising this as I type this post right now… oh well!


I cut a hole slightly smaller than the photograph in the top layer paper so that the photo would peak through from underneath. I then added a frame mounted on double sticky foam pads to re-enforce the illusion that the photo was actually glued on the page rather than part of a mechanical system so elaborate it compete with NASA (I am joking).


Once done I carefully mounted the system onto some blue cardstock ensuring I did not glue the wheel and mounted it onto some more patterned paper.


Time to add all the embellishments with fussy-cut flowers and some of the exclusive ephemeras which are super cute by the way!

And there you go! A super cute yet striking layout which secretly house two photographs! If you want to know in more details how this layout came together you can find the full process video here:



Make sure you grab your kits before they sell out!

Emilie xxx


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