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Hi there, welcome back to the Hip Kit club blog. Today I am sharing a layout I created inspired by the September Hip Kit Club mood board challenge. When I first began to participate in mood board challenges I was easily confused and didn’t know where to start. But many challenges later I came up with some tips on how to create a layout inspired by a mood board.




Here is the layout I created inspired by this Septembers Hip Kit club mood board. Now looking at on the surface you would think that it doesn’t match the mood board at all, but I want you to take a closer look.


Mood Board


Tip 1: Try and look beyond the obvious. Look for textures and movement.

If we look for texture we can add mixed media products such as texture paste, paint, cotton and more. We you see movement you can add swirls, spots, dashes and flicks. In this layout I have used flicks of paint and leaves to depict movement. I have also added the textured cardstock and used foam adhesive to add the feeling of texture to the layout.




Tip 2: Look for colour and colour gradients. The obvious colours will work but look for blends of colour or colour combinations. This mood board gave us those beautiful ombre swatches.

In this layout I was lucky enough that in the September Hip Kit kit was this beautiful pink fresh studio ombre cardstock. It was perfect.




Tip 3: When looking for titles or journaling options look for fonts, colours, similar shapes or positions.

In this layout I have matched the coloured strips in the mood board by using some roller white out to journal on. I have also used some gold foiled wood pieces to continue that theme.




Tip 4: Try not to over think it!

Remember every mood board is open to interpretation so don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s always important to keep in your mind that all the mood board is meant to do is inspire you to create. If a layout comes of it and looks nothing like the mood board it has still done its job.



If you are interested in checking out what the Hip Kit Club is all about stop by the website by clicking HERE

If you are want to purchase the September Hip Kits that I have used in this layout then click HERE

I hope my layout has inspired you to participate in the next mood board challenge that should be released very soon in the Hip Kit Club Facebook group.

Happy Scrapping

Lauren xo


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