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There are so many ways to live our lives, and so many ways to document them. With some assistance from the Hip Kip Club September main and embellishment kits, I assembled a mini-album designed to share a few glimpses of my life and the way that I live it.

One problem: I didn’t actually have a mini-album on hand.

No problem: I made my own!

blog The Simple Life Jill Album

The base of the album is sturdy white cardstock (I recommend Bazzill, readily found in each month’s cardstock kit). I trimmed a rectangle for the cover, and then covered it with bits and pieces of patterned paper and accents. To add some texture (and to keep the little bits firmly in their places), I stitched loops and curves over the cardstock. The final touch was to add the chipboard frame and the title letters.

To create the pages, I trimmed and folded five long strips of white cardstock and folded each into three sections. The folded sections adhere to each other to create a five-tiered album (I glued the back of the left-most inner section of one strip to the back of the inner center section of the previous strip).

Using paints and spray ink from past color kits, I added vibrant colors to each of the sections.

blog TSL 1 pg

The “fold-out” approach of each section allows for journaling on the outer folds and for the inclusion of multiple photos arranged within the inner folds.

blog TSL 2

The journaling focuses on the idea of living a simple life. I printed the journaling on Project Life-style journaling cards made from the main kit papers.

blog TSL 3

The photos reinforce the ideas within the journaling, showcasing scenes from my everyday life.

blog TSL 5blog TSL 4

Accents from the kits add texture and color to the page, enhancing the album as a whole.

blgo TSL 6blog TSL 7blog TSL 8 pgblog tSL 9

(A short video featuring a page-by-page look at the album can be found here.)

This is totally a can-do project that doesn’t necessitate the purchase of a pre-fab album or a specialized knowledge of book-binding techniques.

blog TSL Cover

It’s a simple little album that was a joy to create, and that I know will be a joy to look back on someday.



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