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Playing around with the size of your titles can be a fun way to change things up. Whether you go big or small, a title can dramatically change the look of your layout.  For today’s project I decided to go ahead and upsize my long title using my Silhouette.

Hooray for Kinder 1My usual routine is to print my photo(s) first and then pull my layout together. Working with a big title though changes this.  Before I could print my photo, I had to consider the size of my title. Since I was going big with a longish title, I chose to print my single photo a little smaller than normal which meant going smaller than a 3×4.  By doing this I was guaranteeing myself enough space to include all of my elements.

Hooray for Kinder 4

Another thing to consider when die cutting a title is the paper that you are going to use. Most of the time I look for a patterned paper that is a little bit more solid in color, this helps to ensure that my title is readable. I chose the peachy B side of a Pink Fresh Studio paper from the June Main Kit.

Hooray for Kinder 3

Complicating the matters slightly, was my longish title. “Kindergarten” is a twelve letter word, so in order to fit it on my 9×12 page I decided to stack the title and mix up the fonts. When deciding what fonts to use I always look for opposites. “Hooray,” which is an older cut file, is chunky and straight. To counter this, I went for a thin script font called “Bromello” for the rest of my title.  Using this mix of type, allowed me to use my longer title without taking up the entire canvas.

Now it’s your turn–go big with your title!! If you do decide to give it a go, make sure you share it with us in our Facebook Member Forum or on Instagram if you can. I always look forward to seeing what you all create!

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