Project life in 2018 with Felicity


I’m so excited to share that i will be continuing my project life for twenty -eighteen. This, I think is my 6th year.. don’t quote me that, because I’ve lost count. Tee Hee.
I enjoy project life and there is no thought of not doing it this year.
Let me share 3 Tips that help me do this throughout the year and a few things that will help me complete it more effectively.
Tip 1: Take photos. I know that’s a no brainier and bit of a ‘duh’ moment. But I found last year, my photos had back off a little bit. I took more photos of my daughter than of my boys, therefore meaning that I didn’t actually find in twenty seventeen that I had a lot of photos of them 🙁 So instead of me saying, “I’m going to take a photo everyday this year”  – because I’m setting myself up for failure. I wake each morning with an intention to take a photo of something in that day to tell my story. So take photos and have a daily intention to take one.
Tip 2: I always have a tray with my Hip Kit club kit in it, so each day I plan ‘me’ time. I spend 15 mins a day on recording a memory. It simply mean printing the photo or sticking in the picture the kids drew.
Tip 3: Keep true to why your doing project life. For me, I’m preserving memories and freezing the moment so my grey hair doesn’t fail me!
As an extra special treat, I have another fun Project life spread for you 🙂


Who’s doing project life with me??


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