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Happy Monday crafty friends!

Terhi Koskinen here with you today, sharing a layout and a process video made with the beautiful May 2017 Hip Kits, but also making a huge confession about struggling with too much inspiration.

Sometimes life gives us so much responsibilities to take care of, that all the time for creating and scrapbooking is really hard to find. That happened to me just about a week ago. As I was running tons of errands, but fortunately there were moments I sit in a train or car and rolled through my social media feeds. Of course all my feeds are full of scrapbooking and mixed media, and the ideas of new techniques and products kept flowing into my head. Like a big nonstop shock wave, but only in a good way.

I got lots of new ideas, and some were so good I wanted to write them down. Usually I use a notebook application in my phone for this kind of notes, as this time too. I saw some really pretty watercolor paintings and was very impressed of how easily some beautiful floral paintings came together.

Sure I knew my free drawing with a simple watercolor brush wasn’t that professional, but I liked the idea so much I started to do a scrapbook layout background inspired by those pretty flowers. I used the May 2017 Color Kit which included fantastic watercolors from Prima Marketing. Let’s just say the quality is awesome!

But after my first try… It just wasn’t my thing to draw any flowers at all.

As shown in the video below, I managed to finish the background. But it’s still waiting to be recycled. So the story of my watercolor painted background wasn’t as big success as I hoped, but it didn’t slow me down. Actually the opposite! I’m truly happy I tried it, but it was time to move on to the next one. 

The next idea I had was to create a page with light colors, using still the gorgeous May 2017 Hip Kits, and use the same watercolors (May 2017 Color Kit) to the background after everything was added first. I’ve done this technique many times and I like it a lot.

But again, something mysterious happened and the layout turned to be too dilute and boring. It’s all there in the video. And again, I didn’t feel bad at all. At least I tried and had tons of fun. The idea of creating is having fun and I sure did it!

So after two test runs, I finally found my happiness and peace and created a layout with simple hexagon shapes, which I adore. The struggle was real, it was time consuming, but again it was all worth it. If you ever have a moment like that, don’t give up! Just get back on the saddle and give another try!

Have fun creating!

Terhi xx

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