Hello everyone. Christin here today with one of my favorite themes – pick a color. Why is this one of my favorites ? It’s because it’s extra fun to play with colors.   In all the kits there are different colors and many to choose from. Since I also love working with pink I decided to change it up a little and go for a less obvious color – but still present in the kit – different shades of green. For the project I used the April 2017 kits.


My secret when working with layouts with mostly one color is to use lots and lots of different shades of the color. I have here used from more regular green to very blue/green tones. Since green comes from mixing yellow and blue it’s already a mix.   As you can see here in my background I have used so many different tones that it almost looks like different colors.  The papers are not cardstock either so they all have parts of other colors in them too and that gives it a little extra too.


On my background I have mixed different kinds of watercolors and both painted with a waterbrush and dropped color onto the watercolorpaper. I wanted to cover just a little more outside the cutfile made by Kim Watson. The cutfile was originally just half a circle but I added two together to make a circle.


I used small parts of all the papers in the kit that had green or blue/green tones in them and glued them under the cut out floral.  Even the paper from Maggie Holmes/Crate Paper with a bow was used since it had the right tone.


My advice is to not be afraid to mix different shades or tones of one color.

Christin Gronnslett dt

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