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T-minus 10 days and counting until we kick off this years December Documented Albums. Are you pumped yet? Or maybe you are already a little festively pooped? I totally get it. We have been spreading the Christmas Cheer around here like a pack of elves on a wicked candy cane sugar high. I know this because I ate all the red ones already and then promptly felt ill. The other girls seem to handle the high far more productively than I. I mean how freaking awesome was Brenda Smith’s foundation pages and album? And Nancy Damiamo’s Believe page – I am so scrap lifting that in future. Today however we are going to take it really slow (partly cause the sugar is beginning to wear off) and partly because if you are a little like me, it’s just easier to conquer December Documented one small step at a time. First step – The Album.AimeeDow_DDAlbum_Full

I’m going to be honest – I’ve never owned or used a Simple Stories Snap album before. So I was curious to have a little look and a play when my December Documented 2015 Daily Kit arrived and you know what, it’s really kinda cool. I love the back and white theme and the strange and wonderful mix of pages. AimeeDow_DDAlbum_Cover

The cover was originally kraft, but I wanted to pimp it out to match the inside theme. I have had a couple mishaps in the past though. In 2012 I painted my kraft DD cover and it buckled in the worse way possible. So this year I decided I’d cover it with one of Kim Watson’s beautiful papers called ‘Oh So Merry’. The next problem came when I realised there just wasn’t quite enough for the front and back. All it took was a line of our amazing blinged out washi and the problem was solved.


The second lesson I have come to learn is: over embellishing covers is a REALLY BAD idea and I have the hot glue gun burns to prove it. I’m not just talking one either. My 2013 album had a wooden frame and a sequin bow, both of which was really beautiful but the dam things have never ever stayed on. This time, I kept the embellishments really simple and super glued EVERYTHING, plus a few layers of skin on. You know… just for  DNA analysis for future generations.


Nobody look at my glue mistake on flair on the spine either!AimeeDow_DDAlbum_InsideCover

I used Rangers ‘Glue and Seal’ to adhear the papers to the back and front cover. I also gave it 3 coats on top to seal and protect the paper. There was a quarter of an inch I managed to fold over the edges, which I washi (not in kit) taped down and sealed it too. This is the inside cover. I superglued the rubber presents in with the intention of writing an inscription underneath to our daughter – either about her first Christmas or about our last Christmas before 2 became 3. I guess we will just have to wait and see which one it will be.

So until next post please don’t over do it on the candy canes and if you must use a hot glue gun try not to burn your dominant hand.

Aimee Xx

P.s. there is still time to pick up your December Documented Daily Kit too if you would like to do an album just like mine 🙂

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