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Hello all, it’s Terhi here with you today. I’m sharing a scrapbook layout made with lots and lots of Hip Kit Club goodies. There’s a video below for you to watch so you can see how much of different kits can be used in one single layout.

hipkitclub29072015 (1)

I used mostly June Hip Kits, but for example there’s also green ink from January Color Kit. That’s something I really enjoy, to get both in one kit: Trendy papers and newest embellishments, but also things that can be used over and over again. Like stencils, inks, stamps, most included to Color Kits each month.

hipkitclub29072015 (2)

My photograph tells a story about my candy day: Visiting a local art store is like going to toy store with kids! Shelves full of paints, brushes and mediums are so inspiring. Could spent a day there just sniffing the air and enjoying. Felt like I need to capture that memory, that feeling of inspiration.

hipkitclub29072015 (5)

Next detail shot shows you how many paper layers my page has. As you see, 3D-foam between some layers is great way to leave some air for the picture, it also gives an opportunity to add embellishments to peek from here and there.

hipkitclub29072015 (6)

I hope you are inspired by my inspiration đŸ˜‰

Thank you for stopping by, we’ll see you soon!

Terhi xxTerhi Koskinen


One thought on “Adventure Awaits | Terhi Koskinen

  1. clairefaderClaire says:

    Love your layout Terhi . It really caught my eye . It’s like one of those delicious French parties with lots of layers which they call Millefeuille ( literal translation – a thousand layers ).

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