Sweet & Happy-Michelle Wedertz

Lately I have been following a few online discussions related to background choices for layouts and it has really made me think about my own. For awhile now, I have been doing the majority of mine on a white cardstock base. I like the way color pops off a white background and the “clean” look that a white based layout has. My second most used type of background is patterned paper. I am particularly fond of using any sort of neutral or natural looking patterned paper such as the woodgrain paper I used in this layout from the March Main Kit:

Sweet & Happy

One of the pluses of using a woodgrain or neutral patterned paper is that is will go well with the other colors that you choose to work with. You can see here that that I went with pink and more neutrals.

Sweet & Happy 3

Sweet & Happy 2

What kind of backgrounds do you like to use for your projects? Do you have an automatic go to background or do you mix it up? I like to have options and having both the Paper and Cardstock Add-Ons provides me with plenty to choose from.

Wishing you a great day!

Michelle Wedertz

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