Hey everyone! Irit here with a colorful layout for this Monday!
I just loved playing with the inks that came in the November color kit add on, and I already knew I was gonna mix them to create new shades. I was quite positive that the only two colors I wasn’t gonna mix together were the pink and green (called Tulip and Cactus). But then I had this photo, of my daughter in the forest with all the lovely fall colors around her. And she’s wearing pink. So that was that. It was time to play with some colors, and think a little about color theory.
Complementary (yes, with an ‘e’) colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. Green and red are considered complementary colors. So pink is close enough. Complementary colors really bring each other out. And they also create lovely neutrals when mixed together. Yes, they create mud, but pretty mud, not dull mud… Red and green create a warm brown, and you can see what lovely shades I got, perfect for my autumn picture.
Anyway, you can see exactly how I created this layout in the video, I hope you’ll like it and I’ll see you next Monday with a new project! Have a great week!





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