Hi friends!

So good to see you again! Today I’m focussing on an easy fold technique to create these little hearts as a base for the layout.

Don’t worry, in the process video you can see how easy they are to make! I started with cutting 4 squares 5,5″ from the light blue flower paper from the August Main kit and 4 squares 4,5″ from the striped paper.

I have made graphics to explain how the folds go It’s done in 5 simple steps:

Steps 1 and 2: Fold the paper diagonally twice as the lines show, then fold 1 point to the center of the page.

Steps 3 and 4: Fold the opposite corner to the other side of the paper (so, NOT to the center, but to the red dot). Then you fold the left and right side along the centreline of the paper as shown to create a heart.

Steps 5: the left picture is what your heart looks like now. Make sure the back side faces you. Then fold the tops and sides to create the “rounded” heart and you’re done!

I layered the smaller hearts on top of the larger ones. Then I added the leaves from the Bright flower & leaves metal die set. They are so cute! I love dies, and leaves and little twigs are always great to tuck underneath your work to create extra layers and give more depth to your layouts.

I know it’s a bit bulky, but I never think about that, I love to create layers and love the dimension! I added that gorgeous title that’s in the Main kit, and added some of the puffy stickers from the August embellishment kit.

To finish it all, I cut the thinnest strips from the striped paper and added that also alongside the leaves.
See how it al came together, and how easy the fold is in the process video:

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great day and have fun folding!




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