Hello HKC friends!

Kerstin here today sharing a new layout using the super gorgeous May 2021 Main Hip Kit!

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Here is my layout:



With all these great papers, it was really hard for me to choose! I chose the papers from Obed Marshall “Buenos Dias!” B-side from happy mosaic, Jen Hadfield “Reaching Out” B-side from Here for you and Pinkfresh Studio “Keeping it Real” A little Chaos from the May 2021 Main Kit. From these, I cut 2.5 x 5 inch rectangles and folded them in the center and adhered them to a white cardstock with a dab of glue, arranged a bit on top of each other.

Stop. … Sorry! … First, I did some sprinkles with shimmerzpaints from the December 2020 Color Kit on my white cardstock. I think sprinkles always work!

Then I placed the wonderful Pinkfresh Studio “Keeping it Real” (found in the May 2021 Main Kit) Die Cuts and added a 3D Foam to the back.



I also used the great Jen Hadfield Reaching Out Cardstock Stickers (also found in the May 2021 Main Kit) glued onto white paper, cut them out with my sccissors and applied 3D Foam as well.

In the photos you can see how I arranged the Pinkfresh Studio “Keeping it Real” Die Cuts and the Jen Hadfield “Reaching Out” Cardstock Stickers.



After I liked how I laid the Pinkfresh Studio Die Cuts and Jen Hadfield Cardstock Stickers, I attached them. I always do it this way…because if I don’t like something, I can put it somewhere else.

It’s hard for me to describe how I arrange what. I pick up the adorable butterfly or the cute ladybug from the Jen Hadfield “Reaching Out” cardstock stickers and just know where to put it to make the layout perfect for me.




I glued the large Pinkfresh Studio flowers to the right and left of the squares so that they hold the square closed. If I lift the flowers a little bit the square can be opened and you can find a hidden journaling or a decoration.



From the super beautiful Obed Marshall “Bueons Dia!” Alphabet Thickers I have made my title “Now”. I think the color gradient of these Thickers is GENIUS!



If you open the square with my photo, you can see that I used these great Alphabet Thickers again here too.


The magical Paige Evans Dimensonal (Banner) Stickers (also included in the May 2021 Main Kit) match perfectly – I think!


From the Obed Marshall Buenos Dias petals paper I cut out a few small white flowers and arranged them on the top left and bottom right and glued them with liquid glue also some of the  mini stars from the Obed Marshall Alphabet Thickers.

I love to play with Die Cuts and Stickers!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope I have inspired you!

See you soon!

Kerstin xx


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