Embellished Gift Box | Kira Ness | April 2021 Hip Kits

Hey there! It’s Kira and I am back with a look at one of the exclusive cut files from April:  the House Box!  Here’s a look at the box I made:

I first started by uploading the cut file to Cricut Design Space.  I wanted to size it larger than DS was allowing, so I ended up using the “slice” tool to get it to the size I wanted.  Then I cut the entire house out on white cardstock (included in the cardstock kit).

Once my house was cut out, I attached one side of the house so it was a single piece of cardstock.  I knew I wanted to do some mixed media on the white cardstock, so I grabbed some acrylic paints that would match the colors from the Cardstock kit.  I used a dry brush, and starting with pink, swiped the paint up from the bottom of the house.  I continued on with my rainbow of colors, covering approximately 2.5″ of the house with each color.  When I would switch colors of paint, I would do some slight blending between the colors so the transition would look neat.

When my house was drying, I cut out some flowers using the Build a Flower cut file and the colored cardstock from the cardstock kit.  Once the flowers were cut, I stitched on top of them with coordinating embroidery floss.

Once the paint was dry, I assembled the box and adhered the flowers onto their coordinating colors with foam adhesive.  I then used vellum to cover the door and windows from the inside of the box.  This will be perfect for wrapping a variety of gifts, so I hope you use the cut file on a future project!

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