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Not everyone is a fan of routines, but if you, like me, are a member of the Hip Kit Club Facebook group, then there is at least one routine that you look forward to each Friday: the reveal of the weekly sketch. Every sketch is a creative opportunity — it can be handled in a  straightforward, routine kind of way…or it can be interpreted any way you wish.

A layout like this is the result of a 90-degree shift in perspective:

HKC Jill Library Magic BLOGOne of the first things that I do with every sketch that comes my way is to rotate it in order to consider its possibilities. 40326655_1922317257788983_8900689992855060480_nRotating this week’s sketch by Jana McCarthy led to me to work with a portrait format rather than a landscape one, to reinterpret the large star extending from the photo as a journaling block, and to create the diagonals not with paper but with stitching. sketch rotated 90 degreesThe image that I selected — one of shelves in a library — invited me to play with the existing diagonal lines in the photo. The first step in assembling the page was to place the photo on white cardstock and to use a pencil to lightly draw lines around the photo, continuing each of the diagonals. I then stitched lines from the outside in, using an envelope as a guide (a ruler would work, too, but junk mail was nearest at the time).

LM2 BLOGThe sketch draws the eye toward the center of the page, and I wanted my layout to do the same. Because I intended for there to be lots of white space in which the diagonals could stand on their own,  I concentrated color and dimension in the center of the layout, building in layers from the remnants of my September 2018 kits

LM 1 BLOGAnd when I say “remnants,” what I really mean is that I was down to mere bits and pieces, each of which lucked out in finding a home on this page. Even items that might have been overlooked — like chipboard leftovers from the September embellishment kit — found their purpose in backing the layers and adding even more dimension to the page.

LM3 BLOGThis is just one way to work with a sketch. To see even more variations, be sure to visit the Hip Kit Club Facebook group, where the design team and members share their projects throughout the week, until another Friday rolls around and another sketch appears to delight and challenge us.


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