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If you, like me, are drawn to details, to colorful bits and pieces, and are hesitant to part with even the smallest scraps, then why not try a mosaic approach on your next project?

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Rummaging through the May 2018 main kit, I sought out papers and accents that worked with a pink, green, and blue color scheme, and then hand-cut circles from them. Inspired by mosaic techniques, which create pictures or patterns through the assemblage of small and diverse pieces, I gathered together the circles to create a diverse yet unified background.

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Instead of using a punch or die-cut machine, I opted for hand-cutting, as I find the very human imperfection and slightly imbalanced look of hand-cut circles to be endearing. It may seem time-consuming, but it’s really not — once you fall into a rhythm, the process moves quickly. The trick is to turn the paper and not just the scissors as you cut.  When clustered with other less-than-perfect circles, the effect is actually kind of charming!

Not only did I cut patterned paper from the main kit, but I also cut circles from the cacti, shell, flower, and fruit shapes from the Amy Tangerine ephemera found in the main kit.

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I added a layer of curvy  and loopy stitching, turning the paper as I ran it through the machine — but before doing so, I removed a few of the circles, and then, after I finished the stitching, I placed them back on the layout with adhesive circles placed under them, to lend more dimension to the page. I also topped a few of the circles with Crate Paper shimmery hearts from the main kit.

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Just as the mosaic approach pulls together various bits and pieces, so does the journaling on the page. I assembled a “love list” to include some of my daughter’s current favorites.

This is a fun technique that I will definitely be trying again. It’s a great way to use up kit leftovers or kit items that you initially told yourself might not work with your style or page themes. Through the use of a mosaic of sorts, you can discover the nuances and versatility of a kit, and see with fresh eyes.



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