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Hello guys! I hope you’re doing well. I am absolutely enjoying the September Hip Kits -it’s Main Kit only day – many of you have subscribed to the main kit only. Which, I can assure you, is more than enough to create several pages. Here’s what I’ll share with you today. You can also check out my process video below.




I sometimes let you in on scrappy confessions. You know what? The September kits got me to actually use a little bit of red. I admit that red is one color that I usually avoid in my scrappy life – but tiiiiny bits here and then are alright. Tiny. Let’s not go too far. This layout is about me and my best university friend. We worked together at school for a while and it was fun to have my best friend at work. The both of us left at the same time following different areas, but sometimes life has different plans with you and so we ended up at school again – together, united once more. We go back to everyday moments.




I started with the pretty square cut apart sheet by Pink Paislee – Turn the page. I cut almost all squares in diagonal half and then! And then! I just threw all the pieces onto the page. I’m serious. I actually wanted to create some awesome super innovative shape (like…a heart), but I felt like we’ve all done and seen it too often. So as the pieces were spread on the white cardstock, I thought: hey, you…looking good…





Look. Please just look at those bows! They’re from the new Amy Tan collection, and they’re CUTE. They’re that perfect little detail and pop of color. I absolutely adore them and I need about a hundred more. I guess that’ll do. Maybe. How do you like them?




Pink Paislee’s Turn the Page collection is the signature collection of the September Hip Kits – that’s why the ephemera pack is also included in the main kit. You’ll find awesome cute little pieces that you can use individually or, as I have done here, staple together to create a new embellishment. I have no idea what to call the little paper chipboard things there, but we call them “Papierflieger” in German – and you’ll typically find them flying around in classrooms by unknown creators. (Because when you ask, nobody did it). I thought they were perfect for my sort of school-themed layout.




There, can you see? A red bow, it’s red! I dared it! I’m so proud of myself. Maybe one of these days I’ll warm up with red even more? Who knows. A professor at university once told me how he used to hate pink. He said he came around by using the color over and over again. Actually, he said he has “healed” himself through that. Perhaps I should follow lead and do the same. The first step has been done, right? Do you have a color that you’re usually avoiding?

Anyway, check out my process video if you want:

Have a great day,



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