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Hey guys and thank you so much for welcoming me to the beautiful Hip Kit Club. I am so excited to be designing for you and creating inspiration using some truly beautiful kits. I have always loved and admired Hip Kits all the way down here in Australia, I am so thankful that now I am fortunate enough to be able to play with these adorable kits and create some stunning layouts for you..

I have never had a Hip Kit ever and I am so excited to jump into the March kits.. While I am waiting in anticipation (much like the rest of you), I thought I would come onto the blog and say a little hello. Some of you may know me from my youtube channel, Heynaedaily. Some of you may be thinking “Who is this crazy pink haired lady?”, well, jump down below and settle in with a nice cup of tea..


My name is Renae Bowell and if you didn’t notice from above, I am from the beautiful Australia. I am 31 and living on the beautiful Gold Coast with my lovely husband Josh and our two fur kitties, Mini and Pipa. When I can get a decent photo of any of these three, I will scrapbook them but with one male and two un-photogenic cats, most of my layouts are selfies of me. Scrapbooking for me is of course a documentation of memories and events, but it is probably more so a creative outlet for me. It is an escape from the real world where I can make pretty pictures even more beautiful.

My creative style is definitely Girly Glam. Yes, I know what you are thinking, that may not be an actual style, but it is the best way for me to describe my layouts to you. I use a lot of light colours, usually always white card stock backgrounds, layers of pink, mint green and of course accents of gold. I also really enjoy using textiles like tulle, ribbons, lace and trims to add soft layers and dimensions to my pages. I am by no means a mixed media kind of girl. I just don’t like unpredictable ink splatters or even stamping. Believe me, I have tried, but it just never looks as good as it does on others amazing layouts.

If you would like to know a little bit more about me, I have created a little face to face video for you where you can listen to my giggles and my accent while you finish off those last few sips of tea. I hope you all enjoyed this little “get to know you” post. I cant wait to start creating for you all. In the mean time, I will be back next week with a scrap room tour. It has been a long time since I have done a scrap room tour and I am running around now trying to clean it up and have it all lovely for you next week.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking me out girlies,

Love you all,

Nae xoxo






2 thoughts on “Meet Nae

  1. I can’t wait to see your layouts by the way I love your personality !!!!!!!
    Happy to see that we share the same love for hip kit CLUBBB!!!

    1. Hey Conny!! Thank you so much for commenting lovely!!! I am so glad you love my personality… I hope I can inspire you with the same personality I inject into my layouts.. xoxo

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