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Ho, Ho, Holy Christmas Cow! Just like that December hit me like an angry barn yard animal who was just informed Santa only auditions Reindeers to pull the sleigh. Shame really. I’d of really liked to see pack of flying pigs.

Oh speaking of flying pigs! I am proud to report that even with this ‘present’ I have been lugging round for near on 9 months – my December Documented album is only a day behind. I know it’s only the 5th, but that’s still a Christmas miracle. Shall we take a look?



Day 1 for us was Christmas Tree Day. Always has been. Always will be.


Please excuse the crazy eyes. I live all for the moment the christmas tree is up and we dance to the Dean Martin Christmas album. It’s one of my all time favourite traditions.


One of the cards I made last week on the top left. My favourite pic of the bump on the right. Totally deserves a two page spread right?


Days 2 and 3 were less eventful. In fact I was so exhausted on the second I pretty much stayed in bed and gave santa a little help by pinning some new Wishlist items.


The pic on the left is my Pinterest list. The one on the right is my husbands. I tied them together with a little over pocket detail. Oh and you know whats really awesome? The paper in the bottom pocket is the back of Day 1! It’s doing double duty. I’m so LAZY 😛AimeeDow_DD_Day3Day 3 was some late night shopping care of a brand new super store that opened up. I saved the tag from one of the items to use as ephemera. I’m not going to lie it took all of 5 minutes to make – mostly cause I wasted 6 hours of my day trying to pack my hospital bags. The point is though that it got done!

How are you all going? Glad you did some prep with us? I know I am.

Aimee Xx

Aimee Dow Graphic


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