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Hi! Irit here with another layout I created using the fun September kits! This time I went with a yellow-craft color scheme, since there were lots of fun items in craft color in the kits. As you can see in the video, it took me some time to get to the final version of the layout, but it was fun! If you find it hard to start a layout, I would recommend choosing a narrow color scheme from the kit, maybe even one color + a neutral (like pink and white, or blue and grey). Looks through the papers and see which ones go with your scheme. You can always add more colors later! Next go through your embellishments and pick the ones that fit. Again, feel free to add more colors as your page develops. I started with yellow and mint in mind, and once I added craft I changed it and chose not to use mint this time. So let’s take a look at the finished layout!

2015-09-2p9 10_edited-1

Adding a white background makes everything brighter and lighter. I love using yellow in small doses, it’s such a great color for embellishments and final touches. I love the cut apart sheet from the Finders Keepers collection that came in the patterned paper kit, and that pineapple was super cute (and random), almost as random as that cute little deer backed by a slice of lemon!

2015-09-29 10

You probably already know I’m a fan of easy ready made titles, even if they don’t make much sense… I loved how these two words from the Crate Paper Wonder collection we got in the main kit looked together. Add a yellow cat and a little bird and you got yourself one cute title! The chipboard pieces are also Crate Paper Wonder and came in the embellishment kit, which is still in stock, so still a chance to grab those goodies!

2015-09-29i 10

Repeating an element is a great way to get a cohesive design, and also use some pieces that might be a little more challenging. I think tags are always a great element, and I love to tuck them behind papers and photos, but I don’t use a lot of craft, so this was a great opportunity to use lots of them as a main design element.

You can see the whole process in the video-

I hope you enjoyed seeing my project and reading a bit about my process. Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day!

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