International transit times are a bit longer with the influx of holiday packages.  I filed a inquiry regarding our international shipments yesterday – as most haven’t been scanned since Dec. 3rd or 4th in Preston, WA.  Yesterday afternoon I was contacted by someone from our local post office assuring me that the packages were definitely enroute to their destinations.  During the holiday season they open additional processing sites where the packages are processed manually – rather then via the machines at the permanent sorting locations.  Sometimes – the scans aren’t updated in these satellite locations.  Which is likely what has happened to our international packages.  At the moment these shipments are said to be awaiting US customs clearance – which is also a bit slower this time of the year due to increased volume.  So – please be patient and your packages will arrive with extended transit times.  Please know we will continue to monitor progress and post updates if and when we receive them.  Thanks so much for being patient and understanding – as these delays are truly beyond our control.  xo Kimberly

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