Hello everyone, today is product focus day and I am focussing on the stencil from the mixed media add-on as well as the chipboard frames in the main kit. I am neither a mixed media person nor do I usually use frames so I thought this was the perfect challenge to inspire me.




The first step was to apply the gorgeous Nuvo paste though the stencil. It looks white in the jar so it was surprising to see that it turns into a sparkly silver colour once dry. The stencil has a snowflake pattern but when I looked at it I saw flowers. So I cut the flower petals with a craft knife to give them dimension and reveal the stunning watercolour ombre paper underneath.




Once the flowers were revealed I decided to scatter the frames with the photos in between them but that looked a little plain. I picked a snowflake patterned paper for the top of the layout and then imagined it might look nice to hang the frames and there is a perfect woodgrain paper in the kit to roll paper straws.



The idea was to make it look homey despite the icy flowers and snowflakes. Eventually all that was left to do was to add a title from the chipboard stickers, a few sprigs of flowers and greenery and I had to use the amazing glittery Nuvo Drops again – cannot resist the sparkle and the lovely details they provide.




Hopefully the layout inspires you to use your stencils in different ways and that you find some time to be creative today,

xx, Melanie



  1. Joan Fowler says:

    I have tried and tried to create paper rolls like you have in this layout and have met with repeated failures. Could you please share the secret?

    • melbg74 says:

      Dear Joan, I cut paper strips and then tried to make the paper more malleable by carefully rolling it around the edge of my desk so that it gets a slight curve. You can also use a bone folder to break up the fibres in the paper (use it like you would curl ribbon). It is important to roll the paper with the grain, so if you hold it up the paper warps in a specific direction and in that direction you can roll it (or else it will break). Once the paper has been softened or curled a little bit I used a pencil or a straw to slowly wrap it around. I used double sided tape at the end to secure the paper roll. I hope this helps!

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