A Pop of Yellow + Green with Corrie Jones

Hey there Hip Kit Fans! Corrie here today with a “product focus” page. Well, maybe not product focus, but definitely a focus. Today I am going to focus on using a pop of yellow and green. And yes, my pop of green was more than a pop, but I love green, so oops!


My daughter is not a cheerleader, but her best friend is! So when she went to watch her friend in her big cheer competition recently, she let herself be convinced to wear a high ponytail and a huge cheer bow to match her friend. I am so glad I got a snap of this moment from her friend’s mom. And I love that she loves her friend this much.


I created the background of this page by making green splotches with the Vicki Boutin paint in the May 2018 Color Kit. The paint is so vibrant and happy!


I also used green and yellow chipboard stickers from the May 2018 Embellishment Kit to bring in more pops of these fabulous colors.


And how could I not use this emoji?? It is so cute!!

Here is my process video showing how this page came together.

Thanks so much for stopping by y’all! I hope I have inspired you to break out your yellow and green as well!


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