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I love fancy tee shirt, shoes and stuff. Recently I always dress up and try my best not look so messy when I go out for meeting or just hang out with my family. So I decided to create a mini album about my outfit of the day. All of the photos of me here by my iphone,I print it out in 6x9cm. August Main and Embellishment kit are so prefect for my OOTD mini.


I choose perfect die cut and embellishments for my mini. I didn’t do any difficult technique. I just want to have fun and make this album fast as possible before my son wake up from his nap. So i just do some layers.


Because it’s about OOTD, I create tag mini album. Look so perfect and cute at the same time.


You also can do this mini just like me with less of embellishments and papers. As long as you love the final result and love do some layers, you should try!


I created this album around 30 mins, it’s fun and really make my day! don’t forget to print out your photos and you also can be creative and making memories at the same time.




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