5 tips of using bold colours / Felicity

Hello lovely friends! Its Felicity here today with  very fun and rather circular layout.

Tip 1: I’m loving circles at the moment and have a bit of thing for pie graph. There were so many fun embellishments in the kits that I couldnt help but layer them in. Dont be afraid to mix bold colours by leaving a little ‘white’ between the colours. This will help them be a little more prominent.
Tip 2: The little clips came in the kit, make super cute embellishments tucked behind your different elements on your page. Dont be afraid to introduce another colour to your bold palette, but try to use a different of the colour already there. Let me example. See the bright blue in the exclusive paper that Irit deisgned, use another shade of blue, such as this royal blue clip.  It also adds another little pop of colour but still keeping true to your colour palette. Hope that made sense?
Tip 3: I love fussy cutting out some of those flowers and the words. By adding in some black and white elements it breaks the colour up a little. If you have a project that is bold, be sure to add a few neutrals, like black and white to ton the palette a little.
Tip 4: Also by using white cardstock this allows the boldness of colour to pop a little more.
Tip 5: When using quiet a few colours in our project, try to remember the triangle rule or thirds rule to keep the project balanced with colour. For example the touch of green on the ‘awesome’ sentiment, the green in the circle at the bottom and then the green thread at the top. All subtle touches but helps the eye follow the page around without it being to much.
Here’s a process video for you as well.
 Also, want to share with a Project life page and 3 reasons why I love interactive Project Life pages.

I love making interactive Project Life spreads. My kiddos think its great too when they lift the flap too.


Heres three reasons why:
Reason 1: I love that it can hide photos that are perhaps not all that appealing, yet the photo needs to be there to tell the story.
Reason 2: Its a great way to use up pretty Project Life cards, even if their are cards vertical, like the 4 x 6 yet my page doesnt have a space for a 4 x 6 vertical card
Reason 3: Most of the Project life cards in the Hip kit are exclusive and so pretty taht I dont want to cover them. Its the same as sentiments on the project life cards, there just pretty. Use them as a flap.

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