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Hey everyone. I hope you’re doing well. Do you love your December Kits? Because I sure do! They come with a variety of color options; I for my part have decided to stick to a different color scheme this time. Different indeed. I am not sure how often I’ll embrace an almost fluorescent lime and bright blue-ish purple, but the technique is fun. Use the left-over cut file as a stencil for an interesting design!




Sweet and talented Bea Valint created the cut file for the month of december, it’s downright gorgeous and I knew I had to use it. I cut the florals from grey cardstock that comes in the cardstock kit – I can just reccomend grabbing the cardstock add on of the month. Why? Because they are the absolute perfect embodiment of the monthly color scheme. You can do great things with just cardstock. Punch, cut, tear, rip. Be all kinds of cruel. 😀


To be honest: Gelatos have only recently become my new addiction. I didn’t like those colors for some time, they’ve been sitting in my mason jar forever because I didn’t give them enough of a chance. But I’m telling you this: They deserve a chance! Be kind to your Gelatos and they’ll be kind to you, too!


I put the negative of the cut file onto my white cardstock and just smeared the Gelatos into the different sections. You can mix colors and just have fun. I’ve also changed the color of the frame on top of my picture with a lime colored Gelato: It used to be a sunny yellow. Remember: You can change most of your solid embellishments (Thickers, Wood Veneers, Enamel Dots, Ephemera) by changing the colors with either Gelatos, Alcohol markers and whatnot. Try it, you won’t regret it. I promise.



Here’s a little something for the eye. Hope you’ve had some fun joining me today. See you soon!


xoxo, Jessy


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