Hi everyone! Jessica back with another layout using the October 2016 Hip Kits. I decided to really make my cards work for me by cutting them and using stickers to make the wording appropriate to what happened this week.

This Week 40 was from a horizontal 4×3 card. Since I don’t use horizontal cards, I fussy cut the shape out and stapled it on the teal stripped card. I pulled some die cut shapes from the main kit to add some layering.

Also, can we take a moment to adore those little baby ducks that hatched this week and started swimming our pond. Adorable.


The main highlight this week was preparing for Hurricane Matthew. I used the “Hello Beautiful People” card, but replaced the Beautiful People with the “Everyday I’m Hustlin” sticker from the WRMK and just chopped off the Everyday so it fit perfectly.


Finally, I wanted to add a bit of warmer colors to the bottom of the spread, so I pulled out a couple page flags from the kit and used it to cover “Best Day” (because let’s be honest, when a hurricane hits, it’s usually not classified as a positive thing). From there, I used the WRMK stickers to name the hurricane and left the “it was unforgettable” type below.


That’s it! I’m happy to have this week documented and in the books. Hopefully, we can get through the rest of hurricane season unscathed. I encourage you to look at the cards in the kit and not be afraid to cut up and cover up words to make it work for you.


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