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Hello everyone! I’m Tiffany Medina–though I also go by Tiffany Julia across all of my social media, as to not get confused–and I’m new here on the Hip Kit Club design team! I am a singer-songwriter from New York City, though I sometimes like to refer to myself as an “art deviant” as I’m into all sorts of art. I have a proper degree in creative writing and a special high school degree in fine art, so I’ve been creating things all my life. I still write stories when I’m not playing around with mixed media or scrapbooking. I’m a frequent traveler and absolutely love documenting my travels in handmade scrapbooks. I have been scrapbooking since 2012 after I made my first travel scrapbook and I haven’t stopped creating scrapbooks since!

I’m excited to be sharing my current craft space setup with you today. It’s a very small space, as it’s basically my bedroom. Seeing as I don’t have a lot of space, I’m very particular about what I buy–though let’s be real, I still buy all the pretty things.  I have a very small desk where I do most of my work. On my desk I have two bowls, which are always filled with bits and pieces, like die cut ephemera, stickers and photos that I’ve printed out for projects. I also have two cups, one filled with pens and the other filled with pencils, scissors, my ruler and varies craft markers. Above my desk is my favorite bit of my space. It’s my cork board that I made to be sort of an inspiration/mood/catch-all board. I love that over the past few years, it’s evolved to be a reflection of who I am and what I like. I enjoy looking up at it while I’m working or meditating over what to work on next.


The majority of my supplies though are housed on the other side of my room in my Raskog cart and nightstand. I sectioned off my cart using the three tiers. The bottom tier is where I house all of my mixed media. So my watercolor and acrylic paints, palettes, gesso, acrylic mediums, inks, etc. I also have colored pencils and watercolor pencils, as well as my brushes in that tier too. The second tier houses all of my clear stamps and ink pads in a wire basket, as well as some tools and lots of stickers. The top tier houses other sticker sheets and other bits and bobs. I have two organization trays in that tier that houses bows, wood veneers, acrylic and rubber pieces, sticky notes and other little bits. Hooked to my cart I have all of my alphas thickers.

I repurposed my nightstand–which I was going to get rid of since the bottom shelf broke–as extra scrapbook storage. In the bottom, I have three Iris cases stacked, which contain 12×12 scrapbook paper, paper gift bags and ribbon. In the draw I have an organizer tray that houses all of my Project Life cards, as well as some stationery cards and envelopes. In that draw I also have my Happy Planner discbound punch and lots of Tombow adhesive runner refills.

I filmed a little video tour of my space for you to get a better idea of how I have my space setup. I hope you’re left with a little insight about me and my space, and I can’t wait to share my projects with the Hip Kits with you!


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