On Traveller’s Notebooks, Dreams and Goals

Hi, it’s Cara, your trusty planner girl! Today I want to take you beyond scheduling soccer practice, and what’s for dinner. What about you? Are you scheduling in time for you? A bubble bath, a massage? Those are fantastic, but don’t forget about your goals and dreams.


If you are new to goal setting, you may be interested in how I achieve my goals. And as a busy mom of 6 you may think that I don’t have time for myself, but I make sure that I do, even if it’s only a 15 mins task one day or while the water boils another, making progress every day gets me that much closer. If you never start, you’ll never get there!

So where do I actually begin?

With a dream!

A flitty, happy thing covered in fairy dust!

Then I write that down. Here, I’ve used my long term goal book from Planner Perfect. I’m usually not quite ready to being working towards this dream at the time when I first write it down, so I’ll let it simmer. As the ideas of how I want to achieve this dream come to me, I’ll write those down too. Soon enough, I’m feeling ready and I’ll attach a goal to this and then decide on the steps I need to take to achieve this goal and I’ll schedule those into my days. Then I decorate it 😀


I’ve used fussy cut flowers and hearts from the exclusive papers from the main July kit, exclusive puffy stickers and Amy Tangerine’s rubber goodies from the embellishment kit and chipboard stickers from Becky Higgins and an exclusive PL card, from the Project Life kit.

This planner page is my dream and intention for the month of August, of course it won’t be complete by the end of the month, but by chugging away at it everyday, I’ll get closer and closer to my goal and create a habit going into September.

I like to set my intentions for the day here, in these blank pages and use my squared off planners for tracking things like projects and tasks.

I’m a lefty so I’ve always been drawn to traveler’s notebook, if you are right handed you probably won’t know that rings or coils are a nuisance to us lefties, we just can’t get our hand in close enough! You lefties feel my pain!



One of the downfalls of TN’s is that you can’t easily pop pages in and out and move them around. Tip-ins are a great way to overcome this and PL cards make fantastic tip-ins. It’s easy to tape them in with a little washi, but what I LOVE to do is to add the little glassine baggies that exclusive acrylic embellishments usually come in. Like the ‘friends’ and ‘noted’ acrylic words from the July main kit.


See that little clip? More on that in a sec 😉

The baggie tapes in just like a PL card and here I’ve added one of the PL cards tucked inside for an extra spot for writing. I love to decorate the baggies on both sides as well. I’ve used these pockets to hold ticket stubs or sweet notes or drawings from my geeklings.


Here’s a scope that I did with a little tutorial and some tips for tip-ins 😀

Tip-in Scope

The clip proved to be a bit of a challenge, but I ended up backing the acrylic word with one of the exclusive papers both from the main kit. I traced the acrylic shape onto the paper and fussy cut it out twice and then, using hot glue, I sandwiched a paperclip between the two pieces, so you cant see the paperclip from the back. Then I carefully hot glued the ‘noted’ arrow piece to the front.


Have fun setting your goals and happy planning!

Cara Vincens-2

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