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Hello everyone. Christin here today with a few step by step photos.  With all the nice colors I wanted to make a layout with lots of colors. I am often more modest with the numbers of colors I chose for a layout but here I wanted to use all the colors I found in the papers.  By the way, don’t you just love all the exclusive papers in the March Kit ???

christin gronnslett - vartegn 005.jpg

When I make a layout I usually start with my background, but today I started with the April cut file made by Kit Watson. I used the green and yellow Aqua Huez in the March Color Kit and just added more colors with a waterbrush (mist and peerless paper)

christin gronnslett - vartegn 001

Next was my background. I added lots of colors here too. I used a waterbrush to spread the colors – a mix of mists, Aqua Huez, pigment Izink and mists.  It’s fun to mix it all with a waterbrush.

christin gronnslett - vartegn 002

Often when I feel the colors are too busy I add a layer of heavy gesso. That really helps soften the page.

christin gronnslett - vartegn 003

Of course I ended up covering most of my background. When I start layering I always use a stapler to keep the layers together to leave room to add a few things here and there in between the layers and to give extra air and life to the page.

christin gronnslett - vartegn 004

And on top I added the lovely ampersand ampersand file.

christin gronnslett - vartegn 007.jpg

For my title I used the Basic Grey letters in the march 2016 Color kit and painted them with gold.

christin gronnslett - vartegn 008.jpg

And here is another closeup.

christin gronnslett - vartegn 006

Have a nice week



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