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We all like our personal space — some of us more than others — but this doesn’t necessarily apply to our photos. Clustering and layering are approaches that work well when it comes to designing a page that includes multiple photos. Adding frames to the mix contributes texture and variety — and there are lots to be found in the August 2018 Hip Kit Club kits!


No one element on this page exists without touching another, which is intentional. This creates a sense of cohesion and unity, further reinforced when colors on one side of the page are repeated on the other (as in the case of the royal blue Crate Paper pom pom frame and the focal point photo backed with a Project Life kit card).

BLOG detail 1BLOG detail 4

Although a layered page like this may seem complex, its creation really doesn’t need to cause a headache! Begin by arranging the photos in close proximity to each other, and then back each with Project Life cards or pieces of patterned paper. Then begin working in the accents, like the frames placed over several of the photos (again, notice how the color of the topmost frame is repeated in the bottom frame). Even the journaling can be found in a frame on this page.

BLOG detail 2

After determining the placement of the foundational elements, focus on the detail work — that is, the tiny bits and pieces that add personality to a page and reinforce the theme or story at its heart.

In keeping with the spirit of a layout about America’s capital, I added rows of shiny gold stars from the Crate Paper/Maggie Holmes trim as well as chipboard stars, and in keeping with a travel-themed layout, I hand-cut the words “go,” “see,” and “do” from a Project Life card and arranged each word (accompanied by the chipboard stars) to form a visual triangle on the page .  BLOG detail 3

The background may look a wee bit unusual. Initially, I was going to paint it with blue polka dots using paint from the August color kit, but given all of the photos and accents, I realized that there would be limited white space, creating a cluttered effect, so I simply flipped the page over and worked on the B-side.  I like the effect — it looks as if I painted over the blue circles with white paint.

This was a fun page to put together, and what makes it work is that every one of its pieces is connected in some way to the larger whole.

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