3 tips for layering embellishments with Felicity

hkc23junmaykit1Happy  weekend!

Felicity here with you today. I have some cute little tags to share with you all, using the May Kit. I had a lot fun layering and making little embellishments clusters. I know some of you may think its a little daunting, but you know, there is knack to it, other than to just have fun.
So I thought I would share 3 tips with you.
Tip 1: When adhering the layers in an embellishment cluster, always use a little adhesive (can always add more later) and I tend to add it the middle, so I can tuck in bits and pieces as i go.
Tip 2: Start with the bigger embellishment first. Then start by adding the medium and then the smaller ones. A bit like when you want to fill a bucket with rocks and sand, you start with the rocks first and then pour the sand in last to fill in the gaps.
Tip 3: Decide on a colour palette in your cluster and then choose a theme. Pull out all the embellishments you COULD use. Follow Tip 2 and it could all come together. If your unsure, start with a tag or two like me, because its smaller and if it still seems daunting, place the cluster on a plain white background. It helps you then focus on the cluster not the background.
Hope this helps inspire you to create layers with your embellishments.
Happy crafty weekend!


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