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Hello! I absolutely LOVED the addition of the Paige Evans’ 2 inch square pads included in the April Embellishment Kit. I have long been interested in this particular item and I was not disappointed when I finally got my crafty hands on them! Seriously, they are great and I can see myself using these pads in lots of projects. For today, I wanted to share one way that you can use these in your pocket pages.

Way to Go 1

One of the great things about these pads, is that one set is patterned paper only and the second set is full of phrases or titles that can be used on your pages. As you can see here, I chose a fun “Way to Go” square to use as a title for the adjacent 4×6 picture of my youngest daughter receiving a new set of Girl Scout badges. I wasn’t planning on doing any journaling for this photo, so I stamped the date right on the square.

Way to Go 4

Instead of adhering the square onto a 3×4 journaling card, I decided to staple it directly to the page protector to create a see through element.  Before I made this decision though, I did consider what was going to go on the other side and figured that adding another square would also work for what I planned on documenting on that side. The square pads have plenty of useable phrases making this an easy decision. To adhere this second square, I added a staple first and THEN I adhered it to the pre-existing square with craft glue.  Here is a side by side look at both sides of the pocket:

Way to Go 5

I love the versatility of these Paige Evans’ paper pads. Not only are they super cute, they make a great addition to any page!

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