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Hello everyone, Christin here today to share with you a new layout with the July 2016 kits. Summer is all about making memories – happy memories and the story of the day is about how we each year pick wild strawberries on a straw along the road at my grandmas house.

christin gronnslett  Love to make 001

When I make my backgrounds I always try to pick up exciting things from my photo(s) and this time the black text on the pink jacket was my starting point. Unfortunately I ended up covering most of my background, but you see a lot of pink and yellow mixed with a thich black marker where I made a circle and stripes going out.

christin gronnslett  Love to make 002

I also wanted to pick up the word LOVE in my title as you can see a lot of that text in my photo.  I also loved how the darker color in the exclusive papers made by Kim Watson looks like the wild strawberries.   As you can see I pick papers and colors in my background to be combined with the photo.  Since the clothes are very light I had to go for more contrast and more colors to make it pop.  I avoided the background color in my photo for the same reason.   Not intentionally the blue band aid is also picked up in the papers…. My almost 7 year old got run down by a bike on her walk to school and had to get three stitches and have to use a band aid for a long time to keep it out of the sun and she wants fun band aids – here she is using one with a Star Wars theme.

christin gronnslett  Love to make 003

For my title I really like to mix and match fonts and die cuts and combine them into a longer title. Of course I should use my own language for the titles – since I am doing all of my journaling in Norwegian, but I also really want to use all the cool stuff with words in the kits.

christin gronnslett  Love to make 004

If you look closely you can see that I am somewhat inspired by the August sketch… I  have my title in the lower part of my layers and I have flags out to the left and right instead of them pointing down.

Christin Gronnslett dt

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