Guest Designer, Christin Gronnslett – Hoyt & Lavt

Hi, everyone ! Christin here again to share with you my last guest designer project that I created with the June 2015 Hip Kits.  What I love working with kits is that you by changing just a few papers get so different color combinations.  For my previous projects I have focused more on either yellow/pink/orange or aqua/yellow and for my last project I have chosen the dark blue colors as my main colors.

Summer vacation - Christin Gronnslett Hip Kit Club June 2015 01 

Fun in the sun - Christin Gronnslett Hip Kit Club June 2015 04

Splash - Christin Gronnslett Hip Kit Club June 2015 01

I love papers with maps that covers the country that I come from – Norway and I wanted that to be placed somewhat in the middle.  If you are not acquainted with European geography Norway is the country with the very long coast you see next following the dots from the ampersand to the southern tip. Since I cut out everything else but pieces of Europe and Greenland you can’t see how far north it is, but I  where I live (59 degrees north) is further north than Juneau, Alaska, but because of the nice Gulf Stream we often get pretty nice summer weather and I can take a dip in the ocean and in  it gets over 20 degrees celcius  (68 Fahrenheit).  Last year the weather was so great that my kids started the bathing season in early May. (then it was maybe only  15-16 degrees celcius (59-60 Fahrenheit)    Unfortunately the weather isn’t always so stable so even if these pics are from the middle of July it wasn’t so warm that day.   

 Hoyt og lavt - Christin Gronnslett Hip Kit Club June 2015 01

The title Høyt & Lavt means High and Low, which is the name of Scandinavia’s largest climbing park with trails for all ages and experience. My then 7 year old loves it and he is hoping that he this year is tall enough for bigger challenges and longer zip line rides.

Hoyt og lavt - Christin Gronnslett Hip Kit Club June 2015 02

I cut the papers in strips of different widths and adhered them to the paper. Again I have added drops of mist to avoid the straight lines and also layered with different sizes of frames to avoid the same with the matting under the photo.

Hoyt og lavt - Christin Gronnslett Hip Kit Club June 2015 03

Thank you for joining me, and I am hoping you enjoyed seeing my projects and you are inspired to create something amazing with your Hip Kits.

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