Breakfast Eggs | Kim Watson

Do you ever scrapbook about food? As a rule I tend not to, but come on…aren’t thse food related accents & wood veneer shapes in the July Main kit adorable??! And they were the perfect way to decorate a page documenting my son’s new cooking skills.

Breakfast Eggs by Kim Watson

@KimWatson @HipKitClub @crate_paper @heidiswapp The July color kit had this fabulous stamp & stencil combo. Soft aqua ink and the the Heidi Swapp stencil  worked so well to add to my white cardstock background. Ink splatters are the simplest way to add color; I used three colors: navy blue, Yellow & orange.  Archival ink resists water color washes, so I used it to stamp the Heidi Swapp stamp. Cutting it out allowed me to raise it on pop dots for added height.

@KimWatson @HipKitClub @crate_paper @heidiswapp

Painted yellow paint, makes the wood veneer accents really stand out nicely as well as adding  a wonderful visual triangle within the page, helping one’s eye to travel around the page.
@KimWatson @HipKitClub @crate_paper @heidiswapp Did you know our PL cards are designed exclusively & tailor made for each kit? These ones, from the July PL kit, were a fantastic way to add journaling to my layout.
@KimWatson @HipKitClub @crate_paper @heidiswapp

Need to add color balance??I love balance. Try colored stitching or even better try mixing different stitches!! Notice the photos seem textured? Well that’s because they are :)…I tried out a pack of canvas photo paper, & it worked out so well. I love the effect it gives.

@KimWatson @HipKitClub @crate_paper @heidiswapp And last but not least…those super cute mini fork, knife & spoon pieces. Attaching them to a mini frame from the July Embellishment kit gives them a little more emphasis and creates the sweetest food related page accent. I LOVE this page, I love how it captures an important time in my little boy’s life & it’s these everyday memories that will be super important to him one day.

I’m so glad you stopped by today! Have a rockin’ Saturday, & I’ll see you next week!

Kim Watson

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