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Good afternoon, today I want to share how I display my layouts once they are completed and before they go into my albums. I love being able to revisit them and share them with my family and friends when they come over. They also make a colourful addition to my dining room.

I had my dad hang two small curtain rods that I bought from Ikea on one of my walls in my dining room.I then used some clips, hooks and plastic sleeves to form my display.


 Here you can see one of my layouts using February’s Kit inside the plastic sleeve. Those clips I also got from ikea and they hang from the rod, then clip to the top of the plastic sleeve.

@kimjeffress @hipkitclub #hipkitclub

I then have these smaller hooks that join the top of one plastic sleeve to the  bottom of another one, allowing me to hang several layouts in a row. Here I share another layout from February’s kit. I think this is my favorite layout I made.

@kimjeffress @hipkitclub #hipkitclub

I rotate my layouts every few weeks placing some in albums and hanging my newer layouts in their place.

How do you store and display your layouts? I would love you to  share  a photo on our Facebook forum page found here.

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