Hi everyone! It’s Irit with a new fun mixed media layout for this Monday!
A lot of people are a little bit intimidated by getting messy, and I agree that I find mixed media layouts to be, for the most part, more challenging to create than other layouts.
I do have a few tips for making pretty pages, that let the photos shine and do not look too messy. I think editing is really important when using mixed media. I usually use gesso to begin with, and then add some color, and sometimes texture paste. When I use more layers, it can get trickier. Personally, I like a fresh look, where you can still see all the elements on the page, like the patterned papers. When I add too many layers, it starts to look over processed, and I try to avoid that.
Another great tip, is to leave some white space. White space is just areas on the page that are left untouched. On this layouts, all the elements are concentrated in the middle, and the top and bottom are just plain untouched cardstock. This really helps keep the page looking fresher and cleaner.
You can see exactly how I created this layout in the process video. Thanks for visiting and I’ll see you next Monday with a brand new project! Have a great week!





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