Hello and have a wonderful weekend everyone.
I hope you are doing well and you had a good week. My weekdays were full of work and we were able to enjoy the first warm spring rays here in Germany, Saxony.

But don’t worry, it was only a short intermesszo, because yesterday evening there were already a few snowflakes and it was also pretty cold again.

Nevertheless, in almost 6 weeks it is already Easter and this time the challenge was quite tough. Because I’m really not a map maker and always move far outside of my comfort zone. But I used the challenge this week to make a set of 3 cards with a touch of Easter.

But see for yourself. For this project I am using the January kit which are full of exclusives which I really love. I think these are the best kit!!!

The basis of my cards is a 4 “x 12” format and white cardstock. I then made a fold at 4 “and 8” and then also folded the diagonals a little so that you can “open” the cards.

And as a closure I simply used the packaging of the ephamera and cut strips in the shape of 7 inches x 1 inch. I simply stapled it on the back of the cards. Definitely holds and nobody looks at the closure on the back.

Last but not least, I designed the front of the clasp a little bit.

I hope you enjoyed the little inspiration. Last but not least, here is a little video, then you also know how the cards are designed on the inside and how they can be opened.

Greetings, see you soon and stay healthy. Sonja

Music: Lay Down Beside You from Carl Storm

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